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Monday, 15 October 2012

Anathema Designs on BBC's Handmade Revolution

This beautiful necklace is called the Gaia Mantle and is made by Sian Rookwood of Anathema Designs. Today Sian was featured on Paul Martin's Handmade Revolution and, as the winner of the episode, this necklace will be on sale in the V & A shop.

The necklace is a modern take on a traditional chainmail Bishop's Mantle (a protective shoulder piece traditionally worn over a chainmail shirt) in the form of a bold modern necklace constructed using ancient chainmailing techniques and is crafted from upcycled brass plated steel industrial washers.

I am absolutely in love with Sian's work. I love the industrial nature of the materials and the resulting contrasting delicacy of the finished piece. The very nature of the chainmailing means that they are both tactile and pleasing to wear, as the metal heats up on the skin and the piece is comparatively weighty.

The other thing I like about Sian's work is the way that it works so well in fashion photographs. In the image above, I love the way that the colour of the washers look against the model's skin. In the image below, the way that the chainmailing casts shadows on the skin and drapes so beautifully, evoking far more than simply someone wearing some jewellery.

Sian's work can be bought via her website and by commission.

Photo credits:

{top photo}

Jewellery: Anathema Designs Photographer: Robert Bedson Model: Ufuoma Itoje MUA: Melissa Oldridge

{bottom photo}
Jewellery: Anathema Designs Hoxne Body Chain & Lilo Bracelet 
Photographer: Dave Kai Piper | Styling: Chloë Ruffel Model: Carmen Tânia M. Obied