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Monday, 17 September 2012

Illustration vs catwalk photo (AW12)

these are from AW12 last February. i can't wait to see illustrations from this week's shows. the top two illustrations are by Vicky Fallon and the bottom two by Lesley Barnes. neither are quite my usual style of illustration that i am usually drawn to, but i loved the contrast of seeing the two images side by side and how the illustrations make the outfits look even more glamourised and stylised than the models on the catwalk.


  1. It's so interesting, I think the middle two are really good representation of the dresses but the other two, although maybe close in the details, do nothing to evoke the spirit of the actual dress. Illustration is amazing when it can really do that.

  2. yeah, particularly the bottom one is really lacking in something, isn't it.

    I liked the juxtaposition of illustration to photo, but I agree, some of these don't really speak to me. I thought maybe it was just the style that I didn't love, but I think you're right, it's the lack of spirit.