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Friday, 7 September 2012

Merchant & Mills

How beautiful is this Merchant & Mills packaging for 'everyday' sewing and tailoring tasks. My sister-in-law showed me these this morning so I can't take credit for discovering them myself, but I have fallen in love with the simple old fashioned labeling and beautiful quality pins, needles, scissors and so on. I am seriously considering ordering some, just so that when I make Pip's hairbands and bits and pieces that I have been creating for her, I can use such lovely packaging. Have I mentioned how much of a sucker for packaging and boxes I am? I also know the orders come packed in brown paper boxes and bags, stamped with the Merchant & Mills logo, and that would certainly cheer up a mornings post, receiving such a lovely parcel. 

I am particularly enamored with the kindle and iPad covers that Merchant & Mills mention on their blog. I can't see it in the shop yet but it says new for autumn. Whilst I wouldn't say no to the iPad one, I would really love the one for the kindle as I carry around the kindle in the pocket of our baby carrier, for handy reading when the baby is asleep, and it could really do with something to protect it from coins and keys, without adding any bulk, so it still fits in the pocket.

Photos via Merchant & Mills


  1. They're beautiful. If I wasn't on spending-hiatus I would definitely be able to convince myself that pins weren't such a very big expense.

  2. the actual pins are gorgeous too, it's not just the packaging. they are stunning. (and as soon as I have an income, in my sewing box - they might even inspire a project!)